Monday, 26 July 2021


all set for a read and sherry,


for our starter mussels in a white wine sauce, Diana had a strawberry flavoured water drink, with fresh strawberries of course!

roast pork was the joint for the weekend with cabbage from the garden of Steve and Kai,

eyes down and tuck in,

sticky toffee pudding with fresh cream for dessert, 

and nice it as too, after lunch the first of the afternoon and evenings films,

The Third Man, filmed in Vienna, I have lost count of the number of times we have watched it,

and I would guess if you have not seen the film, you will recognize the theme tune of it in any event in the recording of it above, and if you have not seen the film here is a description of it, I mentioned that both Diana and myself would like to visit Vienna, and go on a Third Man tour, little did I know but there is such a thing,

for myself and I guess many others the closing scene is the shot that means so much, after a long, almost two minute shot of her walk along the cemetery road, with Martens waiting for her, Anna ignores him, and the movie ends, this final long walk was apparently shot by uncredited German cameraman Hans Schneeberger, but due to the mindless pettiness and instance of British unions, none of the Viennese cinematographers units were allowed to have credits in the film,

the avenue as it is today, as an aside Orson Welles was the Third Man, apparently a difficult actor, but in this film he made perhaps one of the most well known add on's, in a speech where he improvised whilst talking to Cotton,

and it was kept in the film, just a 20 second speech and totally off of the cuff, what a great film, as is his Citizen Kane, we followed The Third Man with a real chiller,

a true story as it happens, 10 Rillington Place, it was about the serial killer, John Christie, also the spotlight for the anti hanging brigade, a intellectually challenged person Timothy Evens took the drop for Christy and was ultimately though tragically to late pardoned, this case led the anti hanging brigade to ultimate victory, no blood and guts, just a true chilling statement of the facts in what was post war Britain, we rounded off the evening on a lighter though thoughtful note,

Contact, great cast and story line, just a pity that the Arecibo radio telescope that featured early in the story has fallen into disrepair, the film leaves with the question, 'are they out there?' a nice film if you have not watched it before, and with the end of that we were off to bed.

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