Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Great News,

 I am off to the dentist,

not many parked in the park today,

the screen on the green packing up, all of the deck chairs and the screen gone, just the food stalls to go, back again next year I guess,

on to the 227 bus stop, it was at this stage looking at the sky I started to think I should have brought a rain coat,

into the dentist, then the bad news, I would be without my dentures for at least 10 days, maybe 2 weeks, note to self, with both front teeth missing do not smile unless wearing a mask! 

dentist finished I now popped into Sainsburys for a few bits and pieces, then to the club to drop a few things off, next home where Diana had just returned from a 2 hour driving lesson, in a couple of hours Diana will be off to work, after she had left it was time for my evening meal, then feet up for a Lewis, a New Tricks and a documentary about the tombs of Egypt, a telephone call and I was off, arriving home it was feet up for a chat and a coffee before we were off to bed.

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