Friday, 23 July 2021

I Was Soon Making My Way To The Station,

today I was on my way to meet Rainham Steve and Alan,

it was a glorious day,

any minute now,

going past Rochester Castle, I soon arrived at Rainham,

Steve kindly picked me up from the station, also Alan on the left as we made our way to see Duncan, who was in his usual good sprits,

well I just had to!

we chatted the afternoon away, Steve also kindly dropped me off at the station, which is next to these oast houses

and I was soon passing the Russian submarine in the River Medway,

the Foxgrove Lodge at the entrance to the park is having another showing of wisteria,

not as many flowers as the first time but you can still smell their fragrance in the air as you near them, after my evening meal it was a few quiz shows for myself and a Midsomer Murder, after which Diana called, arriving home we were just in time for a New Tricks and a Have I Got News For You, before we were off to bed.

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