Thursday, 22 July 2021

I Have Always Been Anti All Electric Vehicles,

for many reasons,

photograph Hyzon Motorsfrom the mining of rare minerals for the batteries manufacture, to the recovery of said minerals and disposal of the batteries, the only way forward is hydrogen, and here is one company that agrees with me, commenting on the new addition, Hans Wieleman, FrieslandCampina’s Milk Logistics Manager, said, “Over five years ago, FrieslandCampina started using liquid natural gas as a cleaner fuel and we successfully stimulated filling stations all over the Netherlands to supply this type of fuel, now we try to do the same with hydrogen, in close cooperation with Hyzon and Transport Groep Noord. Transport is and will remain important to further increasing sustainability at FrieslandCampina”, so from this week the hydrogen powered truck will start deliveries of bulk milk, many have already left petrol and diesel for LPG, (Autogas), as it is so much cleaner and cheaper, so the next step, to hydrogen is not too far away, although hydrogen is at the moment expensive, just two of the advantages, it does not need charging at a home or remote charging station, existing petrol stations can be converted to hold hydrogen, and it is just 5 minutes or so for a car to go from totally empty to 100% full, not 30 minutes or so for just an 80% charge for an all electric car, here is my prediction, many years ago the UK government told drivers 'go diesel, it is cleaner than petrol' so we did in our millions, go out and buy diesel cars, with the government making diesel fuel so cheap it was mad not to, but, a big but, 10-15 years later diesel was demonised, and guess what? my prediction, in 10- 15 years time all totally all electric car owners will be demonised, and told to buy hydrogen cell cars! hydrogen, it is the only clean way to go.



jpo5626 said...

Agree with you. EV cause a tremendous amount of pollution during manufacturing and use a lot of water that becomes tainted. We need another alternative and hydrogen seems a logical answer.
John & Alley

PattayaStan said...

Dear John & Alley, the manufacture of batteries for electric cars is bad enough, but from the little I have read recycling the batteries is even worse! Hydrogen is of course expensive to produce, but as with battery cars the price will come down I am sure, years ago everyone was saying battery cars will not catch on, well they did, but for myself the next big game changer it has to be hydrogen fuel cells for cars, and hydrogen instead of the gas we now use for central heating, interesting times ahead! best regards, Stan and Diana.