Sunday, 25 July 2021

What A Nice Thought,

unveiling an initiative on July 20, 2021,

the mayor of Fukuoka City has stated its intent to re-paint one of their port cranes to look like a gigantic giraffe, rendering courtesy Fukuoka City, the mayor noted that he hopes it will cheer up the kids in Fukuoka Children’s Hospital, which looks over the port, the zoomorphic paint job is expected to be completed by February 2022, well if the crane has to be repainted why not make it look like a giraffe? Fukuoka’s Island City has a total of 6 cranes, each towering 100 meters (328 ft) into the sky. The paint job is expected to cost 100 million yen, at today's rate £659,576.35 or $906,115.00, if the first one proves popular, the city will consider painting the other five as well, and here is a thought, why not ask for corporations to sponsor a crane and paint the animal of their choice or perhaps keep to a giraffe, in the companies colours, or something like that?

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