Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Yet Again I Am Showing My Age,

as the latest fashion trend in jeans,

leaves me totally dumbfounded, if walking around looking liked you have peed yourself but want to remain dry, your prayers are answered, Wet Pants Denim is for you, they give you the ‘wet but dry’ look, the pee jeans can purchase online for $75 (about £53, AU$97), which includes shipping, or they can send in their own pants and have them dyed in a strategic spot for less. The company promises customers will have their new garb within three to five business days and takes payment via PayPal, I really do not understand youngsters and their fashions, imagine, would a taxi or mini cab driver really let you into their cabs looking like this? Or imagine the looks you would get waiting for a bus! I find fashions like this all so strange, but if the dry wet look is for you, you can buy a pair here.

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