Sunday, 25 July 2021

'O ye, of little faith'

is mentioned a few times in the bible,

in fact there are several places in the Bible in which this phrase is used with reference to those who demonstrate their lack of faith in Jesus' power to perform miracles, but would you want to put your faith to the test? well this Ohio lady did as the 31 year old with her 11 year old daughter in the car reportedly crashed into two other vehicles and a house after taking her hands of the wheel and letting God take control at a speed of 120 mph (190km/h), as a way to test her faith,

he 31-year-old woman said that she had recently lost her job and had been going through a lot, so she decided to just step on the acceleration and take the hands of the steering wheel in order to “test her faith in God”, after hearing the driver’s unusual explanation, police took her to a local hospital for alcohol and drug tests, but she tested negative for both of them, and she had no history of mental illness. She had told police that she had had one glass of wine nearly seven hours before the accident, but the alcohol did not show up in the test result, the woman has now been charged with felony assault, endangering a child and driving under suspension, and a grand jury is expected to consider the case later this week. Local media reports that, despite the charges against her, the young mother continues to claim that she did the right thing by letting God take the wheel to see if it would put her on the ‘right path’ I guess there are 2 ways of looking at this test of faith, she and her daughter survived, so was it her trust in faith, or her car manufactures life saving devices fitted in the car? you decide!


Jil Wrinkle said...

Say what you will. But it is hard to argue against the fact that she is on a different path than she was before she got in that car. Might be that God thought a nice long jail sentence is just what she needed.

Jil Wrinkle said...

Just went back and watched the video, and you can see that her faith in God apparently isn't as strong as she claims: If you look at the video at 1:56, you can see that her car swerves as the other car she is about to hit comes into view. That faithless bitch's hands were definitely on the wheel. "O ye, of little faith" indeed.

PattayaStan said...

Dear Jil, it is one thing to test your faith yourself, but to do it with your child in the car? your comment 'Might be that God thought a nice long jail sentence is just what she needed; seems apt, in any event could you ever trust her again with her own or anyone's else's child for that matter? traumatic and sad for the child in any event, best regards, Stan and Diana.