Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Facial Recognition Technology,

is a blessing or a curse,

depending on your outlook of it, but it has had another use, recognition of brown bears, photograph South Shiretoko Brown Bear Information Centre, apparently the distance between a bear's eyes and its nose tends to vary and reflect individual differences among them, making the identification and tracking of individual bears easier to do, this is necessary because of recent bear attacks in Japan, the authorities only want to identify and remove the 'trouble makers', in both the United States and Canada researchers developed the technology, now conservationists are using it to track wild bears in northern Japan. The Mainichi reports:

The South Shiretoko Brown Bear Information Centre, a nonprofit organization based in Shibetsu, is taking photos and accumulating data by installing automatic cameras at two locations on animal trails that brown bears use, and is accumulating data. However, taking photos from the front has proven unexpectedly difficult, and the organization has succeeded in taking only about 20 photos that can be used to recognize the bears' faces. Nonetheless, they were still able to identify four individual bears.

the continuing problems in Japan with bear attacks made headlines again earlier this month when one of the monsters harmed four people in Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido, before being shot dead. The bear struck a pedestrian, the victim clueless as the animal raced up behind it, according to dramatic news footage.

Around 150 bear attacks were reported in Japan in 2019, the highest number in a decade, and around 6,000 bears were caught after creating incidents of varied severity. Experts believe the surge is due to a lack of food in the bears’ normal habitat, forcing them to travel further away in quest of food.

 I wonder if this technology could be used to identify other dangerous animals?

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