Thursday, 15 July 2021

As Good As Their Word,

in the morning our loan coffee machine arrived,

 it will be a week or two before our one is repaired and returned, but what great service from Nespresso, telephoned to report a fault, the very next day our machine is picked up and a loan machine left, well done Nespresso! I spent the morning trying, and eventually succeeding in opening the bathroom window, it seems a strange thing to spend time on, but it had sort of locked itself in place over the years that we had rented the place out when we lived in Thailand, 

having mentioned Wes Anderson only yesterday, in the late afternoon I just had to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel again, a brilliant story of greed, corruption and restitution, as an aside the cast includes four Oscar winners: Adrien BrodyTilda SwintonFisher Stevens and F. Murray Abraham and eleven actors that were nominated for an Oscar (not necessarily in the acting category): Bill MurrayJude LawJeff GoldblumEdward NortonOwen WilsonHarvey KeitelBob BalabanTom WilkinsonWillem DafoeSaoirse Ronan and Ralph Fiennes, a really enjoyable film,

time for my evening read and a sherry,

for tonight,

a couple of hot dogs with onions,

followed by some strawberries and grapes,

after listening to some music and reading Diana called so off to the bus stop and home, where rather fortuitously a New Tricks was about to start, after which we were off to bed.

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