Thursday, 8 July 2021

I Am Only Making One Post Today,

as there are lots of photographs, 

we visited three different areas, firstly we visited the Mayfield Lavender Farm,

unfortunately Kai could not join us, but Steve came along,

Diana was so happy,

the blooms could not be better,

it was just a shame the weather was a little overcast,

the good news was that so few people were here,

Steve had his camera telephone,

but kindly took a few photographs of us on our Lumix,

the blooms just went on and on,

Diana striking the pose, up,

and down,

all smiles as we were here and it was her day off,

Diana also made a few selfies using her mobile telephone,

the flowers could not be better,


just a few people under the big tree,

and a few in the distance where we had parked the car,

we walked to the top of the hill, looking ahead the next field will be a few more weeks before its best,

a panorama of the next field,

and looking back through the field we had just walked through,

we started on our way back for a coffee,

naturally taking a few selfies on the way,

Diana having watched Clarkson on his tractor,

 was determined to give this Massey Ferguson a try!

the lavender shop where everything lavender is sold,

but for Steve,

Diana and myself just a coffee,

I really like this retro style of caravan,

the lone telephone box, the last time we were here there was almost a queue of people wanting to pose by it,

there is also a road train if you want to take it easy whilst you explore,

just our luck, just as we were leaving a patch of blue sky appeared,

on to our next stop,

strawberry picking at Hewitt's farm, passing the big sign that said, 'Please pay for your strawberries before eating them',

we made our way to strawberry fields,

I think Diana was waiting for me to fill up the punnet!

we passed a orchard of plum trees,

to the field,

and started picking,

I think somebody forgot the big sign!

great fun picking your own,

Steve and Diana doing a great job,

keep picking!

all looking nice,

Oh! what a beauty!

these are going to be so nice with cream and meringue,

all set and we were making our way back to the farm shop,

passing one of my favourite soft fruits,

red currents,

back past the plum orchard, and how did we know they were plums?

because we could see the plums, purchase made we were off to our next stop,

a quick pose before we started to look around,

the displays were so nice,

a mixture here,

including this orchid,

and a great display of insectivorous pants for sale,

these I really like,

more orchids,

before we passed some garden ornaments,

like the wise owl,

going outside,

we turned back on ourselves,

to visit the koi section,

unfortunately it was not possible to feed the fish today,

but it did not stop them looking for food,

it was a fabulous display,

but there was more to come,

we went inside,

looking down on one of the pools,

each of the koi has its own certificate of provenance,

the displays so clean,

and some of the fish so big,

a quick pose,

and a close up,

we went upstairs,

looking down on the fish we just saw from the side,

each one with its certificate,

what a display it really was,

back outside,

to look at a few more garden ornaments,

all manner of beasts and birds,

a move into the jungle,


next stop one of the greenhouses,

where there were a selection of hanging baskets,

on one of the roof supports,

a green lizard,

you can even buy your own banana plant here if you want to grow your own,

back out side,

past the telephone box,

and giraffe into the café,

for a bite to eat,

a fruit scone, Cornish cream and raspberry jam for each of us,

coffee for Steve, tea for two for Diana and myself,

we stopped by the rhubarb plants,

decision made, Steve is now the owner of a rhubarb plant,

we made our way to the exit,

passing through a indoor display of flowers, we made our way home, after saying goodbye to Steve,

it was time for a read and a sherry,

and a hamburger with fresh lettuce that we had just picked in Steve and Kai's garden,

'Cheers!', I can not smile as I have lost another of my front teeth, off to the dentist on Monday,

Diana had also made some curly chips,

we rounded of the meal with the strawberries we had picked earlier, delicious, it was then feet up for our usual New Tricks before we were off to bed.

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