Saturday, 24 July 2021

Glad Rags On,

it was Diana's day off,

we decided to walk into town,

only the postman in the park this morning,

we had decided to breakfast at the The Cosy Kitchen,

easy to find, it has so many flowers outside,

tea for one,

a mango juice for Diana,

our breakfast arrived,

an American, pancakes with maple syrup and a fry up for Diana,

eyes down and tuck in, for myself a small English breakfast,

we walked back up the hill and bought a few things for this afternoons picnic,

Steve and Kai kindly picked us up, and in no time we were at Castle Farm, but for today Steve and Kai had booked a 2 hour slot in the picnic lavender field, first an introduction to the field and the type of lavender that grows here,

the lavender here is much smaller than the other field we visited,

we made our way past the rows,

the take away café,

and farm shop,

we chose our spot,

group photograph,

and a panorama from where we sitting,

time to unpack the cool boxes,

what a feast!

we made ourselves comfortable,

then it was time to tuck in,

pizza for Diana,

who wasted no time in eating it,

Steve and Kai did not know where to start,

time for another food related decision,

for myself it was a no contest,

out with the bubbly! for today a rosé,


a strawberry makes it complete,

we also bought some UK raspberry's, that were so huge and better still full of flavour,

time for a few quick poses,

Diana with her sun hat,

I also had mine, having a burnt head a few times I will now always wear one when I am out and about,

it was now time for the girls to wander off,

taking the Lumix camera,

and both of their telephones,

not quite in the centre of the field,

this bench made a great place to pose,

for both Diana and Kai,

then time to go further up the field,

looking back to Steve and myself were sitting,

time for a few close ups,

of Kai,

in the field of lavender,

one more,

then it was Diana's turn,

to strike the pose, standing,

then sitting,

for a few more,

back to Kai,

for a few more,

as the girls made their way down the hill,

towards us,
the girls were getting close now,

to where Steve and myself were sitting,

as it happens the sun had gone in and it was getting quiet chilly, so a cold ice cream with a hot coffee!

and of course it had to be lavender ice cream, which I have to admit I was not too keen on, it was like eating cold cream that had been perfumed,

luckily there was still some bubbly left, 'Cheers!', the 2 hour bell rang and we made a move to Steve and Kai's home,

we had a look in their garden,

they had grown so much produce,

the growing of which,

was overseen by Buddy their cat,

the corn had really come on well, with its cobs forming,

in a few weeks time it will hopefully be time for picking,

the corn is almost a stall as Diana,

time to crop some cabbages,

I cold not resist a radish,

and they do not come much fresher than this!

top and tail it,

all gone! delicious,

Steve kindly dropped us off at home, a hour or so later and I was out
again as the sun was getting lower,

I made my way past the tennis courts,

to the club,

looking back towards the old cricket pavilion,

the club house and attached to it the squash courts,

no cricket this evening, Steve and myself chatted the night away, after he dropped me of at home we watched one from New Tricks, a Have I Got News For You, before we were off to bed.

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