Tuesday, 20 July 2021

I Had No Idea I Could Get A Criminal Record,

that could be seen by future employers on my file for 6 years,

just for whistling, above is Bob the Builder, it is a children's show in the UK, I am not sure if it airs anywhere else, but apparently if you are whistling the theme tune, and here it is below, 

it could land you a criminal record as, wait for it, a non-hate crime! Police in Bedfordshire recorded the interaction as a non-crime hate incident, which will remain on their file for six years, if a potential employer asks for a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, the non-crime hate incident could show up, as a result of Hate Crime Guidelines, which took effect in 2014, police are obliged to record any incident a member of the public believes was motivated by hate, but this is the kicker, even if nothing criminal took place! In 2020, 10,840 non-crime hate incidents were logged across the country, with 120,000 recorded since the new system was introduced, which means there are possibly 120,000 innocent people in the UK whose job prospects will be blighted for the next 6 years since the ‘offence’ 

 still it could of been worse, I guess, some years ago building firm McAlpine was ordered to pay £13,000 in fines and costs after it admitted breaching noise levels, Camden council prosecuted the firm after workers infuriated residents by non-stop singing of 'The Banana Boat Song' above, 

if the song sounds familiar you may have heard it in Beetlejuice, above, going back to McAlpine, at least it was not a non-hate crime, although in these PC times I sure the Bedford police could find a case saying that its is! 

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