Sunday, 11 July 2021

Using The Body As A Canvas,

is not new,

and her are a few examples, photographs Hikaru Cho/Instagram,

by Tokyo-based artist Hikaru Cho, although she is only 27-years-old, she is already one of the most highly regarded body painters in the world, having worked with big brands like Samsung or Shiseido, and organizations like Amnesty International, among others, she is a graduate of Musashino Art University, 

Cho is considered to be one of the world’s most promising young body painters,

and looking at these you can see why,

from extra pairs of eyes painted on her own body of those of other models, to disturbing “holes” in the skin and seemingly missing body parts, Hikaru Cho has a very impressive portfolio, “They are all painted on skin directly and I don’t use computers or anything to change the picture afterwards,” the Japanese artist said, adding that she usually spends between 5 and 7 hours on a single artwork,

“I don’t really have a reason why I started doing those pictures. But I guess I was a little sick of everyone making pictures with their computers and wanted to see how far I can go without those technologies such as Photoshop,” she told reporters back in 2014, when some of her early work went viral online, 

for more of her fantastical work have a look here, what amazing body/artwork.

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