Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Today We Were Meeting Up On The Train,

with Steve and Kai,

so glad rags on, 

and we were at the station,

Steve and Kai had joined the train a few stations up the line,

we soon arrived at Rainham, where I had to take a photograph of the Rainham Welly Garden, Steve had kindly invited us all down for a afternoon at his home,

I noticed this Triumph Bonneville in the station car park, many years ago I actually bought a brand new one of these but the T120,

Steve picked us all up from the station, we were soon admiring his immaculate garden,

Steve, Diana, Steve and Kai,

the same but I am in the middle,

Steve was busy preparing the food,

having already raided his herb garden,

meanwhile I started opening the bubbly,

Kai was enjoying the sun,

whilst I was pouring,

it was a glorious day,

the girls,

well all of us enjoying the day,

a sight for sore eyes,

as was this,

I started playing with another bubbly,

then it was time to tuck in,

so I did,

what a feast,

the girls took a break in the garden,

before strawberries,

tea and coffee,

with scones, fresh Cornish cream and jam for our dessert,

a 'Cheers!', from the girls, what a fabulous day, many, many thanks to Steve for all of his hard work making it such a lovely day for us all, in the early evening Steve kindly dropped us off at the station, we said goodbye to Steve and Kai as they had another couple of stops to go, for us arriving home it was feet up for a couple of Midsomer Murders and a Have I got News For You, again many thanks to Steve for all of his efforts and kindness, next for us, we were then off to bed.

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