Sunday, 11 July 2021

This Is A New Record,

three crows on the windowsill,

so I grabbed my camera and made this short video above, I have to say the last crow I think did not understand where the peanuts were, so there we are, a murder of crows, I wonder if in the future we will see four crows on the window sill?

I spent some of the day, apart from doing housework, playing with a photograph that Diana took of Steve and myself when we went strawberry picking, above as it comes straight out of her mobile telephone,

for the rest of them I played with the sky,

which was so easy,

for myself seeing how photographs can be so easily manipulated,

you really have to question,

what is real and what just lives inside a computer,

I keep the big computer and screen upstairs,

some guys have a man cave,

I have a man attic, it was I think, when the house was one dwelling, where some of the staff employed at the house lived, in the next room there was a bath and original gas light fittings, anyway coming downstairs it was time for my evening meal,


first a read of Aztec which I had nearly finished, all 1,038 pages of  it!

for my starter, prawn tempura and duck spring rolls, 

eyes down and tuck in,

for my main course, crispy chicken and a Chinese style curry,

all set,

a healthy dessert sans cream,

 having now finished Aztec I made a start on Aztec Autumn, the second in the series, the first book I could hardly put down, the second will be just as good, I have read them all before, a long, long time ago, I continued to read, then watched some television until Diana returned home, so it was feet up for a film, 

we decided on Darkest Hour, great film of a great man, a must see movie in my book, after which we were off to bed.

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