Tuesday, 20 July 2021

The Day Started Early,

a brisk walk to the bus stop for the 04.04AM N3 night bus,

it was Diana's early morning shift, after seeing her safely on the bus, I was on my way home,

the M & S lorry unloading as usual,

some of the shops with lights on already,

I stopped at the art shop,

nothing to tempt me, but I enjoy looking as the works of local artists,

 I took a few photographs of one of the orchids that was flowering,

this was one that we bought at McBeans, in November 2019,

it is known as a Pacific sun spots orchid, (Oncidium catatante), and nice it looked too,

after exercises, a shower, breakfast and catching up with the blog, I spent the afternoon in the garden, reading and listening to music, I was nearly tempted to take a dip in the pool! when Diana returned from work we had our evening meal, 

then feet up for an oldie, Black Shield of Falworth, a good boys own adventure, great fun, next for us a Lewis, a New Tricks, one from Have I Got News For You, before we were off to bed.

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