Wednesday, 28 July 2021

All Manner Of Things Can Wash Up On A Beach,

bottles, boats, bodies to name just a few,

photographs Jorge Carbajal, but a house? it is unclear how the abandoned home ended up on the popular beach, but it seems to have been there a while, as it is covered up with what appears like recent graffiti. One of the most popular theories is that the villa was the victim of a powerful hurricane that his El Salvador over two decades ago, the abandoned villa of La Puntilla Beach was popularized by Salvadoran TikTok user Cholopanza Vlogs, who filmed himself exploring the abandoned structure and also posted a more in-depth vlog about it on YouTube. The footage went viral and tourists have been flocking to the ruined villa ever since,

the history of this derelict structure is shrouded in mystery, but El Salvadoran newspaper La Prensa Grafica, recently shed some light on its past, relying on accounts from locals living near La Puntilla Beach, apparently, around 28 years ago, the so-called villa was actually a hotel called Hotel Puerto Ventura. To make it more appealing to tourists, the owners decided to build it several meters into the sandy beach, but that proved a disastrous idea as it made it more vulnerable to the elements, “They built too deep into the beach, that’s what happened,” one local fisherman weighed in on the tragic fate of the hotel. “Before, official permission was not requested to build, and that is what happened, they went too far.” so I guess the building did not wash up, 

but was there all of the time until it was 'discovered' naturally the building has developed its own mystic, local woman Coralia Sotelo told La Prensa Grafica that kids in the area have told her that at night they see a very tall black man hanging around the derelict building, which is why she always keeps her distance, what a great story, building washes up on the beach and better still is haunted!

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