Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Here Is Some Good News,

on the hydrogen cell front,

Hyundai have committed themselves to release the Staria with hydrogen fuel cells, 

for release in 2023, it already it appears to be a success as it has already sold nearly 8,000 units in just 2 months since its release as a MPV, leaving the current model to one side,

the makers state that the hydrogen model will have 113kW (about 154 horsepower) and a torque figure of 40.3, even better news, on a single charge it will do 609 kilometres! for full update on all of this and a few other offerings in hydrogen from Hyundai have a look here

and it is just not cars, MPV's, lorries and buses that are going hydrogen, cruise ships are as well, as this illustration from FuelCellWorks shows, for the full low down on the worlds first ocean going hydrogen powered cruise ship, have a look here, the future is bright, the future is hydrogen.

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