Friday, 9 July 2021

New From LEGO,

a typewriter,

there is a slight problem with this,

I am guessing a number of LEGO fans,

have absolutely no idea what a typewriter is,

but do not let that put you off of the product,

suggested by a fan via the LEGO Ideas submission section of the website, the idea was then developed by a team from the company who worked to create a merging of LEGO Technics and LEGO Systems in the final model,

the mint green mid-century typewriter is a beautiful, realistic homage to the models of the 1950s and 1960s and comes with working keys and roller that will accept paper, 

a graphic designer was employed to create a super clean new font for the keys and designed the retro branding,

the typewriter is out of stock at the moment as it is not due for release until later in July, but when it dos go on sale it is priced at $199.99 via the LEGO online store, did I mention you can not actually type on it, but you never know, someone might find a way of producing a kit that will enable you to type, all images © LEGO.

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