Monday, 5 July 2021

We Have Not Featured A Tattoo Artist,

for some time,

so here is one now, who's work is slightly different, Canadian tattoo artist Luke Cormier has a very distinct art style – he creates colourful tattoos that look like stickers you can peel off of your skin, photographs Luke Cormier/Instagram,

featuring all sorts of popular cartoon and video game characters, from Super Mario to the Powerpuff Girls or Rick and Morty, 

complete with a white line, clever shading and realistic-looking creases, they look like actual stickers ready to peel off, even though they are inked with a tattoo gun,  “Everyone said my tattoos looked like stickers,” Cormier, who also goes by the name ‘Mr. Sticker’, told My Modern Met. “So it just made sense to add a white background and make them look like actual real stickers”,

“I’m not too sure, to be honest, how the tattoo appeared in my life, everyone just had tattoos where I grew up, it was a pretty normal thing and then I fell into tattooing by accident. I wanted to be a piercer but ended up tattooing, for more of Luke Cormier’s amazing sticker tattoos, check out his Instagram and his TikTok, where he is constantly adding new content, nice though they are I think I will not avail myself to a sticker tattoo.

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