Friday, 9 July 2021

Whilst Typing The Blog,

there was a bit of a commotion,

on the window sill,

where not one,

but two crows had landed to pick over the peanuts, it is a bit tight for one to be on the sill, to see two of them perched on the narrow ledge was a surprise,

Diana was at work, for myself I had a couple of things to do, so into a nice bright sunny day,

I made my way towards the park entrance,

past the grass verge that had some flowers planted in it,

if you like sports, what a nice way to spend your afternoon watching some tennis,

the graveyard had a haircut, it was getting more than a little overgrown,

I arrived in Bromley,

and made my way past the stalls in the market square,

I had a couple of things to do,

first stop into The Glades shopping complex,

and drop off our used coffee pods for recycling,

next stop exchange our CO2 cylinder at Lakeland, 

arriving back in Beckenham on the 354 bus I walked into the club, I had somehow managed to loses my key to the gate, which is a short cut to the club,

armed with a new key I was soon passing the tennis courts on my way home, Diana arrived home shortly after my evening meal, so it was feet up for a couple of quiz shows before watching one from New Tricks after which we were off to bed.

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