Saturday, 3 July 2021

Japan Delivered To Your Door,

courtesy of WA Boxes and DHL,

WA Boxes are hand-crafted packages filled with authentic Japanese objects delivered straight from Japan to your door by DHL, 

WA Boxes stand out through their thoughtfully curated selection of objects and meaningfully inspiring concepts. The boxes are curated by designer and artist Mirit Weinstock, known internationally for her Jewellery brand,

Mirit relocated to Tokyo in 2019 for culture studies specializing in Japanese crafts such as Washi and Ikebana, Her passion to share Japanese culture and traditions led her to begin WA Boxes,

the boxes are filled with Japanese toys, antique dolls and books from flea markets, handmade ceramic pieces made by local artists, traditional meaningful ornaments and more surprises, all of which are vetted by the discerning eye of the artist,

there are four different boxes to choose from. WA Concept Box, WA KIDS Box, WA Kokeshi Box and WA Seasonal Box,

WA Concept Box contains 7-8 Japanese items inspired by Japanese traditions, culture, crafts and design in the theme of hope, good fortune and harmony (WA in Japanese),

in it you will discover a Japanese daruma doll, paper ornaments, traditional decorations, an antique Kokeshi doll and salt bath with rich mineral supplements. The pieces are wrapped in a Japanese “Furoshiki” wrapping cloth which you can later use to wrap your own books or gifts, as Mirit shows on WA Blog. Each box comes with a designed brochure explaining the meanings and uses of each item, WA KIDS Box will be specially tailored to your child based on their age, gender and hobbies, with the child’s name written in Japanese on the box. The Kids boxes are inspired by the Tokyo Toy Museum and are curated by Mirit with input from her daughter. The boxes include traditional toys, DIY booklets, books, anime magazines, dolls, origami designed sets, and inspiring ornaments related to Japanese culture. Alongside the box you will receive an online catalogue with explanations and videos on how to play with the toys and games, what a neat way to bring a little piece of Japan into your home.

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