Saturday, 3 April 2021

Apparently Black Bear Cubs Are Becoming More Friendly Towards Humans,

rather than using teeth and claw to make you their next meal,

some cubs are becoming increasingly friendly towards us, photograph webidrole/Pixabay in one case a few years ago, a bear walked into a classroom and “sat in the back just like a puppy dog,” Ann Bryant, executive director of the nonprofit Bear League, told CBS Sacramento, only last month California Department of Fish and Wildlife picked up a bear cub from a residential backyard. The animal had simply moved in there and didn’t seem to be intimidated by people at all, She picked up apples and ate them in front of the humans on the patio, and at one point jumped into a housekeeper’s open car trunk, this was not normal behaviour for a brown bear cub, the sad news is that scientists believe a brain illness may be to blame, in all reported cases, the bear cubs displayed a noticeable head tilt and walked oddly. Tests showed that the bears that displayed this unusually friendly attitude behaviour around humans all suffered from encephalitis, or inflammation in the brain. However, no one knows what is causing the encephalitis; five different viruses have been identified in the sick bears, but scientists have yet to prove that they are responsible for the encephalitis, unfortunately, bear cubs that display this unusual friendliness towards humans, albeit adorable to most people, cannot survive in the wild and need to be placed in the care of special facilities and zoos, or euthanized, I am not sure how this is known, but there it, but one thing I do know is that female bears are fiercely protective of their cubs,

“Right now there are just so many unknowns about this but yet it’s out there, it’s happening,” Ann Bryant said, in 2019, a snowboarder filmed a bear cub that got unusually close to him on a sky slope, the snowboarder seems completely unfazed by the encounter, for myself I would be thinking, ”where is its huge powerful, protective Mum?”

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