Friday, 2 April 2021

Despite Asking Diana To Take A Few More Days Off,

Diana was adamant that she wanted to return to work ASAP

in the late afternoon Diana called to say she was well and enjoying her work, especially as all of her co-workers were so happy to see her again, the good news was that the final results had arrived from the Beckenham Beacon Hospital, Diana did not have any infection, the doctor said it was an infection in her lungs or influenza that she had caught, so no infection, it must have been influenza that had laid her low, for myself I was going to go shopping on Friday for our weekly shop, but just having found out it is a bank holiday weekend decided to go today, so into the park and a walk into town,

shopping finished I crossed the road to the church opposite Marks & Spencers,

lots of spring flowers in the graveyard,

putting on a good show,

in the evening I watched a few quiz shows after my evening meal, and a couple of documentaries about digging up relics from the First World War, just before midnight Diana called, so off to the bus stop and a walk home, where it was feet up for a coffee and a chat before we were off to bed.

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